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 Sales Reps Needed

in your area.  Pass out brochures to Business Owners and earn a commission, if the transaction closes.

No experience                     necessary.

See info on this page.


Help the World

Heifer International

For your gift giving solutions this Holiday Season, you may purchase a goat, a sheep, a cow, or a flock of chickens or geese and other animals that are given to a family in a third world country. The organization teaches the family to utilize the animals resources such and wool, milk, eggs, and breeding.

You may purchase your choice on the behalf of a gift recipient of which they receive a confirmation. Our family has donated to Heifer for over 15 years in lieu of buying each other items that we already have or do not need. Plus the donation is a write-off.

Go to  and make out your gift list this season.



Learn the Art of Trading the

Foreign Currency (FOREX) Market


I have been trading the Forex markets over seven years.  The market is primarily traded with technicals rather than fundamentals. The markets are open 5-1/2 days a week, 24 hours a day.  The amount of 3 trillion dollars are traded every day.  Most of the trade dollars are through large banks and other companies.  A few years ago, many forex brokers made it possible for you and I to open a live account for as little as $300.00.  But beware!  95% of the new traders loose their money in the first 30 days unless you learn from the best and trade in a demo account until you are successfully earning profits.
You can learn to trade online in your own home at anytime.  The best curriculum to learn everything you need to know including online lesson videos, live online sessions, money management, trading disciplines, successful trading strategies and chart and broker setups, is at...

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Learning to become a successful trader can, over time, enable you to develop a high rate of return on your account and a way to replace your income or give you additional income at retirement.
Call me anytime for more information.





    Sales Reps Needed

We are seeking sales reps in your area to help promote two of our programs.


Capital Advance


Securities Based Lending

The requirements can be as simple as dropping off brochures to most business owners.  You will receive a commission based on the loan amount if the transaction closes.      (A code will be on the brochure to identify you)

We provide a training package describing the types of business we can service, and what to say to the owner.  Most of the questions that a  business owner may ask can be answered by us.

For more information, please contact us.

PMI Funding Corporation
6565 Americas Parkway Blvd., NE Ste. 200
Albuquerque, NM  87110
505-275-2244- Voice Mail
505-681-7300 Direct
505-213-0150 fax

Contact:  Ronald Heinze




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