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High Rate of Return

PMI Funding Corporation is in the business of trading in trust deeds, mortgage notes and equity loans. For the past 22 years, PMI has represented investors who have invested in notes secured by residential (non-owner occupied) and commercial real estate.  PMI is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. PMI offers mortgage note investments secured by properties in New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado.

If you would like to diversify from CDs and the stock market, this is an alternative investment. Many retirees enjoy the monthly income of interest only payments, leaving the original principal in place.

PMI represents borrowers who want to borrow funds secured by commercial properties. Our investments offer a return of 6 to 10 percent and higher with short-term bridge loans. Most loans have a one to five year term and pay monthly interest payments. See our chart below stating a compounding effect.

It is our routine course of business to research each investment to insure its security. PMI requires a completed loan application, credit report when applicable, proof of income, title search, hazard insurance and appraisal. All loans are serviced by a licensed servicing company located in Albuquerque and Phoenix.  We monitor all accounts and assist with any questions and problems that may arise.
Most of our loans are a maximum of 65-70% of the property current value.  If a borrower/payor fails to make their payments, and the property is foreclosed on, there is enough equity to sell the property and recover the investment plus make some profit.

If you would like to be on PMIs mailing list for any future offerings or have any questions, please contact us. All contact information is kept confidential.

PMI Funding Corporation

Let's begin with the premise that your money is invested in a very secure place and that you are happy with the return on investment. 

Did you know that a 35 year-old will have twice as much spending money at retirement if he or she can increase yield on investment 5% to 6%. Most people don't realize that a small increase in yield has a disproportionate effect on the retirement nest egg.

TWICE AS MUCH!  Live twice as well.

Now many people who are not investor-savvy are thinking  TWICE AS MUCH RISK. But savvy investors know that high yields are attainable in some carefully considered investments without necessarily increasing risk. Agree?

Greed is an amazing emotional temptation.  If someone offers a high return of let's say, 25%, secured by a promissory note and their good name, you may want to reconsider.  If it is too good to be true, it probably is.  Some investors may say that 8-10%, or maybe a 12% return is too good to be true.  A 8-12% rate of return for private money has been the norm for years across the country.

EXAMPLE:  A prospective borrower calls PMI Funding requesting to borrow $50,000 secured by vacant land with utilities valued at $100,000. (This would equate to a 50% loan-to-value or LTV).  We would to our due diligence to verify the current value.  We would verify the borrowers' ability to make the required monthly payments and what their exit plan is at the end of the agreed term.   We would order a title search and commitment from a title company to verify any encumbrances and liens and property taxes that need to be paid. 

At closing, the investor delivers their funds to the title company.  The title company is requested to issue a Title/Lenders Policy to the investor insuring that the new mortgage and note is in "first" position.  After closing, the mortgage and note and a release of mortgage is placed with a licensed servicing company. (We like Weststar Escrow located in Albuquerque, NM -  The borrower will make their payments to the servicing company and the payments can be mailed or electronically deposited in the investor's account. The servicing company keeps a daily accounting on accrued interest and balances.  They also send a 1099 to the investor. 

An example of the terms....
$50,000 note amount
8% per annum
$ 333.33 interest only monthly payment (borrower can pay an additional amount if they chose).
60 month term (borrower may refinance or sell the property on or before the 60 month term)

Note:  Investors may use their IRA to invest in real estate notes.


A one-time investment of $10,000 can result in a retirement nest egg of $198,373 if one is able to attain a 10% yield consistently from the age of 35 years to 65 years of age.

Note the examples below:

Rate            Dollars          5 yrs                10 yrs              20 yrs              30 yrs

5%           10,000       12,762          16,288         26,532          43,219

10%         10,000       16,105           25,937        67,275           174,494

15%         10,000       17,623.          31,058        96,462           299,599


Rate            Dollars          5 yrs                10 yrs              20 yrs              30 yrs

5%          100,000      127,628        162,889        265,329        432,194

10%        100,000      161,051        259,374         672,749        1,744,940

15%        100,000      201,135        404,555        1,636,653       6,621,177       





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